Integrate lua but compile fail

As described in Engine\Plugins\ScriptPlugin\Source\Lua\README.txt, I download Lua 5.3.0 source file.
rebuild lua.sln ( it is a visual studio 2013 sln, but UE4.17 is using visual studio 2017).
And I got some errors when compling :
FScriptContextBase is no define?
Is there any other step that I was missed?
Please help,thanks.

Is anybody?help.

That solution should be VS 2015, not VS 2013. But as long as you don’t click “update” when you open the solution in VS 2017 - it should be fine.

FScriptContextBase not being defined sounds like an include is missing. Unfortunately you’re going to have to go through the errors and try to fix them (or post on AnswerHub and see if it’s something Epic just missed in the latest release).