Integrate Houdini/Niagra plugin directly into project...

My company is using perforce as our source control which is working great. But some artists are using the Houdini/Niagra plugin to create FX. Is there a way to push this plugin along with the project so that everyone pulls it with a changelist? Currently if an FX puts houdini FX into a map, if you dont have the plugin installed locally on your machine, Unreal will crash. I’m trying to figure out a way to tell Unreal that the plugin is in the project folder. Any help is VERY appreciated!!

Nevermind! Figured it out! For those of you trying to figure this out here is what you do.

In the project directory create a plugins folder and then drop the plugin directory in there. In my case it looks like this…

MYPROJECT → Plugins → HoudiniNiagara

Unreal will find this automatically so you can turn it on in the plugins window. Weird thing is you have to search for it, but it is there.

Only issue I’m having now is that I’m having trouble getting the new project file settings with the new plugin turned on to push to the perforce server so that it is turned on by default for all users. Any help is appreciated!!!