Integrate Google Play Services with Blueprint

Well you didn’t really specify :stuck_out_tongue: It’s worth updating to be more specific. There’s a big difference between publishing and testing. And there’s no going back from publishing.

one thing i have trouble with:

how to check if there is an internet connection and then call UI Login,
because i tested with fly mode on, every time i go to main menu it try to log in…!! witch could be annoying for some users without internet all the time

is there a node to “get it is connected to internet” ?

No, what you can do is make a setting that sets whether the player wants to play offline or not. That’s what I did at least.

I’ve now updated my 2nd post with a working In-App Purchase Node Network setup rather than the old one that didn’t work in case the player was already logged in.

How can we obtain in a blueprint, the price of an store item, before make a purchase?

Hi, what are you referring to when you mentioned to copy ‘get resource’?

UPDATE: It’s OK, I know now. Totally missed that short link!

Quick question: Will AdMob banners appear if the player is not connected to Google Play?

After doing these, my app is now stated as not compatible with my Android device on Google Play :frowning:
People, proceed with caution. I’m going to go ahead and delete my game now. :C

Not sure how you managed that but this tutorial does nothing to change the compatibility settings. If you are not Android 5.0 then Google Play doesn’t really work like described in this tutorial as far as I know.

I do have a quick question: does this all still apply if my app is a tool and does not/cannot use any game services?

Also, I believe some of the permissions listed are already standard with an app built in UE. So like INTERNET, GET_ACCOUNTS, and USER_CREDENTIALS are in my app without having to list them in the editor.

Hi, VIpar .

I am a maker from south korea, I give you really deep thanks, about this tutorial. I am not programmer, can only use BP so this tutorial is really helpful for me and others like me.

Again thanks and pls keep making tutorials for BP ONLY USERS.


Hey, I have enabled the api’s, one everything, but the external login ui does not show up on begin play (on start map) Although i have everything enabled and set up correctly:

I would really need some help, since i am at the end of dev :confused: thanks alot

Thanks, this is a great tutorial!

Having the exact same problem. The External Login UI simply doesn’t show up. I just get the On Failure result every time. I believe I’ve followed this tutorial appropriately. And I’m even using the almost exact same login method found in the Match 3 example:

Not sure what’s causing the problem. If anyone might have any thoughts on why that might be the case, it would really mean a lot.

Yeah I get the login finally, for Google Play, but it always returns failed. Always.

Also, my app does NOT use Google Play Games services. It’s just an app that’ll have IAPs.

Has anyone been able to solve the reasons for login simply failing?

I had the login return fail problem. Made changes found all over the forums relating to this (additions to proguard-project.txt), the one that finally did it:

Add to

if (Target.Platform == UnrealTargetPlatform.Android)

Also: added AndroidEngine.ini: Android Compile Errors - Android Development - Unreal Engine Forums

Thank you so much @sharing! I will give it a shot.

Thanks for sharing! I followed it all but it still doesn’t work for me unfortunately. If I get it working I will share my missing link!

Maybe it is just that I can’t seem to find the Google Cloud User Accounts API anywhere… :frowning: But all the others I have!

And I am not sure if the Games App ID is the number you can find here? (Off-course I greened-out my app id):

EDIT: Found the problem this post solved it for me:

Thank you for that awesome tutorial!!
Saved me a lot of time :slight_smile:

There was only one difference: i didn´t found the “Google Cloud User Accounts”-API.
But it works perfectly without it.

Are any of you able to provide a basic project with in-app implemented and walk me through configuring the app? I’m willing to pay for the tutelage. Thanks.