Integrate Dart/Flutter for UI development

Slate is awesome, but Flutter is not just awesome, it is also very popular, performant, easier to get into, easier to hire people with experience…

I have made a lot of tools for Unreal Engine (not public tools), and i think even though slate itself is amazing it still lacks in some areas like styling, and even though not by much there are other points like:

  • I can’t for some reason develop a slate only application by default inside unreal engine, it would be awesome to be able to develop desktop apps with slate without a game viewport, like using the engine editor to manage assets, etc…
  • Flutter and Slate are very similar in the way we develop with them, for the slate devs i am sure they would get flutter at first
  • Flutter is very popular among young developers, who may be interested in game dev but have no idea on where to begin, i think they would like to know that their flutter skills would serve them well in Unreal Engine
  • Flutter has tons of packages, this is something that slate doesn’t have not will it ever i would guess, so anything you doing in slate, you have to do from scratch

I second this, the UI system is quite limiting in style and design and it would be very useful to use something like Flutter to create engaging and clever ui to add a whole extra dimension to our scenes.