Integrate an Unreal Engine App with a Native iOS App?


I have two iOS apps. One is made on Unreal Engine and the other is a native iOS app (Swift, etc.). I have access to the source codes of both apps.

Instead of running two apps, I want to migrate some functionality from the UE app to the iOS App. Workflow will be something like below:

Start iOS App -> Call UE related functions/BPs -> Update Native iOS App View

Have you done this already? Any tips, tricks or methods/frameworks that can speed up the process?



Basically this is what I was after:

Unity runs great on a native iOS app. If we could do the same with Unreal, it will be ultra cool!


Did you get anywhere on this? I submitted a feature request, but I am also considering how to modify the engine to achieve this.

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Oh my God. Seems Unity project could integrate into Xcode with native iOS App. I can’t believe it is worked. How could they communicated with eachother…

Why did I find so much good news for Unity today…

But I think it is a low effective work to integrate a big engine into Xcode with ios. The real need is a revolution. totally change for iOS developer. That depend on Apple.

Unreal Engine still have it’s Killer features but it need a better iOS&MacOS conpatible.


Unreal also has the ability to build it as Library and incorporate it into your application. Building Unreal Engine as a library that you can control from external applications