Integers do not add up correctly (Item Data System)

I am currently having an issue in which my integers are not adding up correctly based on the amount of items picked up. They instead multiply 2 or 3 times as much. Basically what I’m trying to make is a dynamic storage system that the user can store the type and kind of items they find throughout exploration. Here is what I have:

Thanks this solves my issue!

Not an immediate answer to your question but as I see you juggle many arrays, perhaps the whole thing could be simplified to a Map:

Maps work by association and can store unique Keys only, in this case I’ve assigned a String key an Int value. You can see the current content of that Map in the bottom left.

You could pre-populate the map with what you need (starting inventory) or leave it empty. The results of those operations are robust and performant.

Consider it. Documentation page in case you decide to give it a go: