Integer spin box

Hi there,
New here. I learn Unreal since few months, and as a 1st post, I would like to thank all the community, I learned a lot thanksq to you. That’s an amazing place here to keep learning!!

I need some help cause I’m have some trouble to create an integer spin box for my game. I’m not a programmer, so I’m not familiar with C++ code…

By searching some info on how to get this kind of stuff, I found this thread that shows a fairly simple method to create a derivated class from the existing spin box one. Unfortunatly, it doesn’t work for me… Maybe the code is no longer compatible with actual version of the engine (I’m using 4.24), maybe I’m doing something wrong, even if I followed all the steps in the thread, maybe I’m tackling something too complicated for me…

Anyway, is there someone who could help me on it, or maybe there is another way to achieve this trough blueprint? I read some threads elsewhere that talk about using a regular spin box and a float snapped value, or even using the delta property (that seems to not work in the engine…), but in all these cases, the spin box will always display decimal values, that’s not what I need.

Thanks a lot for your help,

If you still have this problem then upgrade your project to 4.25. The spin box can be set to operate in integer mode