int32 GetTickCount / GetGameTickCount

[FONT=&quot]I dont understand entusiasm of using float/double time everywhere.
[FONT=&quot]I need int32 milliseconds, which are circulating on overflow.
[FONT=&quot]C# Environtment.TickCount analogue.
[FONT=&quot]Also would be nice to have circular int32 GameTickCount, which are effected by pause/slomo.

You do have game time (which slows down / stops) and regular time. Yes, they are floating point quantities. Unreal Engine is not so much a building block, as a life style. If you can’t live within the engine, some things are really hard to change.

If you need 32-bit counters, you can always build them yourself on top of QueryPerformanceCounter() (Windows) or clock_gettime() (Linux / Android) or gettimeofday() (MacOS X / iOS)

Right now i have to use following:

    double d = (FPlatformTime::Seconds() * 1000.0);
    uint64 ui64 = (uint64)d;
    int32 i32 = *(int32*)&ui64;
    return i32;

Or i can use this, but it is only for Windows:

return (int32) ::GetTickCount(); // DWORD GetTickCount();