Insufficient implementation of feature request

Hi there,

I am very glad to get the new UE version 4.14 today!

I’ve wating soooo long time to get this feature

I cannot wait to test for this feature, so I did.
But, however, there are some problems not solved yet.

First, neither I can access the ‘child actor template’ nor even I can see it at the detail panel in editor view (which means that the detail panel selected from world outliner).

Second, when I create child actor from construction script, I cannot even select the detail panel of child actor at world outliner.
The gif of the Jeremy’s comment shows this problem correctly: Unable to select child actor in Scene Outliner - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

Specifically what I want to do is same as this post: Editable variable using add child actor component - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

I request these features again for the perfect usefulness of child actor component.

If this is a bug please state as much details as possible, I know that UE4 15 is gonna be a bug fix release, so it’s now or never

I’m not sure this is a ‘bug’.
The description of issue UE-16474 says,

“If a user creates a blueprint and gives it a public variable of any type and then makes another blueprint that includes that first blueprint as a ChildActor, it would be useful to be able to edit the public variable in the details panel of the second blueprint’s ChildActor.”

It doesn’t specify where the detail panel is. This detail panel could be the panel of blueprint editor or the world outliner.

So… how to test my situations?

Case 1.

  1. Create an actor blueprint name as ChildBP. Add editable variables to this ChildBP.

  2. Create an actor blueprint name as ParentBP. Add ChildActorComponent, and set the ‘Child Actor Class’ as ChildBP. Now you can access to the child actor variables.


  1. Place ParentBP into the level. Select ChildActor component at detail panel. Unlike the detail panel in the blueprint editor, you cannot even see the variables of child actor.


Csae 2.

  1. Open blueprint editor of ParentBP.

  2. Add ‘Add Child Actor Component’ node into the construction script.

  3. Add ‘Set Child Actor Class’ node and set the class as ChildBP.

  1. Place your ParentBP actor into the level.

  2. Find added child actor of ParentBP actor in world outliner, and press the left mouse button. If you release the button, selection goes back to the parent actor.

Sorry about Korean language settings, but you may know what they are.

Hello alleysark,

The original feature request was entered based off this user’s report and only encompassed what they were intending to do, which was changing the details panel in the blueprint editor.

As the original feature request is working, this would be another feature request rather than a bug report. I’ll be sure to take a look but I’ll need a little while to get to looking into this, as we have quite a few bug reports with the new release. I’ll let you know if I have any questions or when I enter the feature request.

Hello again alleysark,

I’ve placed a feature request in to further extend this to the primary Details Panel. You can find that request here: UE-40540.