Instruction: How to rename ShooterGame project step by step

Hi, after wasting a few time to do this, here the complete instructions, it should take less then 30 minutes from start to finish, not including download and installation :slight_smile:

Step 1

From the launcher, download and install ShooterGame, rename using the name you want to use (for example MyGame), ignore the warning message.

Step 2

Download latest Unreal Engine 4.9 (not from epic launcher (fail to compile) use this link
You must be member of github and ask access to be able to get this link.

Step 3

Extract UnrealEngine-4.9 where you want to install it.
Double click on Setup.bat to finish the installation.

Step 4

Right click on MyGame.uproject to select the engine to use.
Select the one you just installed. The project will be generated after.

Step 5

Open Visual Studois 2013, open MyGame.sln.

From Edit -> Find and replaces -> Replaces in files
Push Replace All
Save All

From Edit -> Find and replaces -> Replaces in files
From: ShooterGame
To: MyGame
Push Replace All
Save All

From Edit -> Find and replaces -> Replaces in files
From: Shooter Game
To: My Game
Push Replace All
Save All

Exit from Visual Studios

Step 6

From explorer on windows, go in your MyGame folder, find for ShooterGame in the search box.
* Rename all the file found (ignore the files from the sound directory.
* Rename the file contain, for example rename all using notepad++ for example.

Step 7

Right click on MyGame.uproject and generate the visual studios project to be up to date with the name changed.

Step 8

Edit DefaultEngine.ini add this:


under the +ActiveClassRedirects around line 18.

Step 9

Compile in Development Editor mode

Step 10

Add batch file (in the folder of your game project) to run your editor or game, can have batch file to run debug editor more or game or development editor etc… by default it run development editor so if you
want to start a debug mode you need to start this using batch file

Development mode:

MyGame - Editor.bat : start “” “D:\Epic Games\UnrealEngine-4.9\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe” “%CD%/MyGame.uproject”
MyGame - Game.bat : start “” “D:\Epic Games\UnrealEngine-4.9\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe” “%CD%/MyGame.uproject” -game

You need to compile in debug as well all the project including the engine

MyGame - Debug Editor.bat : start “” “D:\Epic Games\UnrealEngine-4.9\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor-Win64-Debug.exe” “%CD%/MyGame.uproject”
MyGame - Debug Game.bat : start “” “D:\Epic Games\UnrealEngine-4.9\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor-Win64-Debug.exe” “%CD%/MyGame.uproject” -game

Step 11

  • Start MyGame Editor, open ShooterEntry map, double click on the map name top right to see the map property.
  • Change the GameMode override from none to MyGame_Menu

You need to do that because the game start without the right mode when in main menu, so you see a Match Start In X seconds.
Once you do this change, this is corrected!

Thanks for these instructions, however, I did run into one issue, I get the following warning (spammed relentlessly):
LogAnimation:Warning: Setting an additve animation (HeroTPP_AimOffsets) on an AnimSingleNodeInstance is not allowed. This will not function correctly in cooked builds!

Any ideas?

I’m getting this warning in editor:

LogStreaming: Warning: FAsyncPackage::LoadImports for /Game/Maps/Highrise_Gameplay: Short package name in imports list: None

Which didn’t actually seem to cause an issue in editor, but it seems to crash on the same thing in a packaged build.

In the code it says:

// This usually means there's a reference to a script package from another project
                UE_LOG(LogStreaming, Warning, TEXT("FAsyncPackage::LoadImports for %s: Short package name in imports list: %s"), *Desc.NameToLoad.ToString(), *ImportPackageName);

So it seems to be the redirector isn’t applying correctly for async loads (Highrise_Gameplay has mostly blueprint objects for pickups and stuff).

Resaving Highrise_Gameplay fixed the warning.

I was still getting a crash in packaged games. It turned out it was due to me not changing the following section names in DefaultGame.ini:


They needed to be (I thought ActiveGameNameRedirects would cover them, but it won’t):


Those would probably be covered by the find and replace in your guide, but I was doing a more minimal find/replace to keep diffs cleaner during engine upgrades and to not mess up my source control history with many file renames.

This guide no longer works.