Instantiating GroupActor?

Hi everyone!

I have worked on several engines before and I am really much new to Unreal! I was wondering : is there any option or any other way around to instantiate a GroupActor, so modifying one would modify every instances?

I have a situation where I made out of Brushes a house in my Greyblock and I want to make several instances, but maybe I’ll have to edit them later on. I found out about “Convert to Static Mesh” for instanciating purpose, but I can’t go back to my Brushes afterward… I know that the best way is probably to create my house in another 3D modeling software, but still…! For this GroupActor thing I was asking at first, I am still wondering how, since I can easily imagine a situation where I could want a specific setup of actors instantiated.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

With BSP brushes you can’t do this. With Static meshes, however, you can put these into a Blueprint and copy that where you need. Anytime you update the BP it will update the other instances of it as well.

This doesn’t necessarily help if you want to continue using BSP for editing purposes though. It would probably be better to get your BSP to a more finalized state then convert to static mesh, put that static mesh in a Blueprint with whatever settings you need initially and if you need to update you can and it will carry over to the other instances.

You answered all my questions. Blueprints saved the day!
Thanks! :slight_smile: