Instantiating editor created actors

I’ve created a destructible mesh through the editor and starter content by following [this video][1].

I want to create a spawner, for those items, and would like to have an editor exposed property for the item, so I can just drag stuff on there.

The World Outliner has its type as DestructibleActor.


My spawner header has a property defined as this:

UPROPERTY(Category="Destructible", EditInstanceOnly)
TSubclassOf<class ADestructibleActor> destructible;

However, I am not able to drag the Destructible Mesh shape I generated into that slot. What class type should I use for that Destructible Mesh?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Sounds like you will want to use Destructible Component.

Ahh, I should have posted this in the C++ section, my bad. Yes, I’m looking for exactly that, but the C++ class is UDestructibleMesh.