Instant Replay Cameras In-Game - Possible through Sequencer?

In general, Is it possible to render in-game gameplay using the sequencer? Or is this only possible using an external screen recorder.
Because, it sees like the Sequencer takes recorded changes of actors and merely applies the recorded change to the scene again in realtime on render, in order to emulate what was ocurring…
Or, can it actually record and then render the whole scene as transpired during gameplay, verbatim, you know?

Like, could you have had a sequence of in-game events recorded from several different camera angles and then show them in-game as an instant replay montage?



Are you thinking of something similar to what Overwatch has at the end of each Match?
I am not sure but I think that it is hard to do any kind of realtime recordings while playing. A Sequencer is basically just changing parameters during runtime and never really “save” anything if you do not do a “RenderProcess”. Here is a link: Rendering Out Cinematic Movies | Unreal Engine Documentation

In Overwatch, I think they save all the player inputs and each “object state” for the specific time and then replay those “saved param states” in the engine again as it seems to be less taxing on the computer as you do not have to render the same scene per camera and then save that information.