Instant Meshes got released for free!

Convert any mesh to uniform quads, then customise edge flow
The software converts geometry to uniform quad or triangle meshes, automatically following the curvature of the geometry and snapping edges to sharp features on the model.

In addition, users can adjust edge flow manually by drawing strokes along which the software should create lines of edges directly onto the surface of the model.

The software can handle point cloud data from 3D scans, and works with very large meshes: the demo above shows a 372-million-triangle mesh being converted to quads in under 10 minutes on a 16-core workstation.

The retopologised geometry can be exported in OBJ format.

Awesome!! Thanks for the share!

Great work, can this read PCD (Point Cloud Data)?

yes read my first post:p or watch the end of the youtube clip

@olek, thank you.
As I understand this, it can’t process just pure XYZ point coordinates, but will need (indexed?)triangles as input.
The code seems to process a format called .aln which is unknown to me.

You could probably skin a point cloud in MeshLAB.

Just one more person saying thanks.