Instant crash using color picker for default color value in a struct

Version: 4.12.2 (I will update shortly to 4.12.5 to make sure, but don’t see any fixes relating to this in the release notes)

Using a brand new “Blank” blueprint project, I migrated assets from another project including a struct that contains values for lighting, including the color of the lights.

Opening up my struct and clicking on the color (to bring up the color picker) works, but the moment I select a different color the editor crashes. I’ve sent 3 reports in the past 45 minutes, here’s my machine ID (let me know if you need my account id, don’t want to post it publicly):

Repro Steps:

  1. Create a new blank blueprint project, then create a new Struct

  2. add and name a variable of type LinearColor, save and close

  3. re-open the struct and click the color in the right “Defaults” panel

  4. try clicking any other color in the color pickers “circle” (or wheel?), you should instantly get a crash upon clicking.

Second (Related) Issue

In the struct “defaults” panel, you can press the small arrow to expand the color variables float values. When you enter a new value the values will collapse back, needing to be expanded again to continue editing, which is not expected behavior.

I am having a few more problems with blueprint structs that are not as critical as this, more just annoyances than anything serious. There is a lot of unexpected behavior (like the collapsing I mentioned above) when making changes to structs that are used in a BP, it almost feels like they were never meant to be modified once created which is unfortunate. I will put together a more comprehensive post when I can, but here are a couple examples:

  • Adding a new variable to a struct in use does not order itself properly, even when manually overriding the order
  • You can’t use tab or arrow keys to change fields in both the default’s panel and the list of variables.


Hi ,

Thanks for the report! It looks like the color wheel crash and collapsing color fields have both been fixed, so that will be making it in to the 4.13 release. I’m also able to navigate between fields with the keyboard as expected. Hopefully your other annoyances will be fixed as well!



Great news! =)

Thanks Cody, much appreciated.