Hi, so I’m relatively new to unreal and I had a question about creating multiple instances. I have programmed my first of 15-20 doors for the game and I would like to instance my door so that I can reuse it for all of them without going through all the steps of recreating it.

My door is comprised of:

Default Door model in starting package
Blocking Box
Trigger Box
2 Matinees

I tried selecting all 5 pieces in the outliner, went to blueprints, create blueprints from content and saved it. However, when I drag it in, the only thing created is a trigger box. Nothing else comes in.

Is there some way to take these five objects and the nodes attached to them and instance them.

Create a new blueprint based off actor, call it Door and use Spawn Actor from class from your level blueprint or Player controller.

Here is an example

What are you trying to do? All you have to do is create the door and it’s blueprint. Every time you drag it into the level you create a new instance that references the same blueprint. What’s behind or around the door should have nothing to do with the door itself. Where you end up once you walk through the door has nothing to do with the door itself.