Instancing multiple Timelines?

Essentially is there a way to instance a Timeline as I want 126 different objects to run the same timeline rotation but offset with a delay. I could do it by hand like this but I’d prefer a more dynamic solution

Is the 1st object still rotating when the 2nd one starts to rotate? Perhaps we could use the same timeline but for another set of objects? Or there’s an overlap in rotation?

How is the sequence supposed to look like?

so yeah the first object is still rotating when the second starts essentially I’d like to be able to use a timeline for multiple objects but each object having an offset delay this is the final goal with my jank painful solution


sorry to bump an old thread but could you share how you did this? really love that effect.

i’m trying to handle trains leaving a station after an allotted time using a single timeline but the timeline seems to only care about the first train in the station

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Sure I’ll whip something up

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this is not an optimized or even good solution (afaik) but it works and isn’t super awful for something rotating thousands of parts at run time

the open vents and close vents, custom events gets called by the player if finished is true

I came up with this:


The sort function is from the free plugin ArrayHelper

One timeline that controls all the tiles at once. You might not need the GetOrder function, if your meshes are already in perfect order, but I had to do it in my test because they were kind of random. But it should be an one time call on begin play

Also I used a duplicate of the engine’s plane mesh for this, and moved its pivot to its side to be able to rotate around its edge, but your setup might be different, or you might have a different mesh, so you might have to adjust accordingly

Dang that’s a pretty clean solution