Instancing meshes from a Maya scene?

Hi, is there a way to instance meshes in UE4 from a scene that has many repeats of the same mesh in Maya?

Certain mesh placements would be tedious to do by hand in Unreal. I’ve thought of adding a locator within each repeated mesh, and then spawning the instanced mesh for each one in Unreal… but haven’t gotten that far yet.

Here’s an example of a wall with about 30k polys, but made up of simple cube bricks. It seems like a waste to have such a high polycount on so many repeated objects.

I think Houdini can place instanced meshes straight into unreal via it’s plugin, maybe that is the way to go? I’m just not familiar enough with Houdini to do this right now.

Is there a better way to achieve this in Unreal? Thank you!