Instancing cars!

I’m working on creating a street with 4 traffic lanes and we need to add a lot of traffic. We have some nice car models, Unreal ready, from the market place, but each pieces of the cars are a separated static mesh actor.
I am wondering what is the best way to populate that street with a lot of cars without affecting too mush the performances.
Do i need to combine all the geometry together first in a blueprint, and then just copy/paste? but in that case i can’t have LOD on the blueprint right ?
Any workflow suggestion will be appreciated !

4.22 introduced auto instancing which is perfect fit for this kind of task because old system didn’t allow movable actors to be instanced.
How many parts each car have? It still might be beneficial to combine all those parts together.

Hi, we are not using 4.22 just yet, looks amazing but i’m not sure about updating the engine half way in the project. The cars dont need to be animated, they’re just parked along the street, or just lining up at the traffic light. They come with 20+ different parts. How should i combine them? “Selected component into blueprint class” ? that’s what i would do.