Instances and placing

I have been watching some tutos about instances.
The thing is, i have a lot of barrels and want to make them instances.

When i add more and more instances… I dont know how to place them. The only way i see is to use the transform tools inside the Blueprint… for each one.

But i want to place them in exact places in my game.
Is it possible to do that? like… moving each instance with the gizmo?

Thank you.

If you use fully dynamic lighting you can make script(c++ or blueprint) thata begin of game loop over all actors and create instances from those and removed individual actors.

You could make the blueprint with the instances in the blueprint, then place dummy boxes or whatever you like in the level at the locations you want your barrels to be in, and just copy-paste the locations of them in to the locations of the instances in the blueprint.

What on earth are you talking about? Is this gibberish? Are you some sort of bot? Just… what?!

Hi there. Thank you a lot for the help!

I ended up getting a plugin from the store for this. Its called instance tool or something so. Really happy with it, just what i wanted :smiley:

Thank you again for the help!!!

By the way, you can use Foliage tool(Shift+4) for that purpose. It’s not strictly for vegetation only. After placement you can switch to Select mode(small arrow in left pane) to tinker it further after “painting”