InstancedStaticMesh GetInstancesOverlappingBox method cannot find scaled instances with scale more than 1

Hello everyone! I’ve found a problem or a bug with GetInstancesOverlappingBox method. I have a HISM component and on key event I add a new instance with transform where scale is more then 1 i.e. x: 3, y: 5, z: 1 without rotation. After AddInstance method I immediately try to find instances overlapping box and try to overlap only a small part of an instance near its edge, but GetInstancesOverlappingBox returns me an empty array, but it should overlap with newly created instance. If I make a box bigger so it can overlap that instance if it would be with scale = 1 for all axis. If I try to use the same box to overlap same scaled instance again it can find this instance without any problem.

Here is an example of this problem with some blueprints:

  1. when overlap box is slightly touching newly created instance:


  1. when overlap box is touching newly created instance assuming that it has scale = 1