Instanced static meshes not culling

I have instanced static mesh objects created by a blueprint. The culling distance is set on them, but no culling is taking place. I’ve seen that this may either be a bug or an issue with a setting in the material. Is there a trick to get HISM to work? (UE4 4.18)

I believe this is how instanced static meshes work. They’re all sent in a batch. If one is rendered then they’ll all be rendered.

That’s a shame is that’s true. Because foliage is instanced and it does cull.

sorry for the necro but this thread came up a couple of times when i was trying to get this to work and i thought i’d share a solution.

so to make the instanced mesh culling settings to work you need to use a “PerInstanceFadeAmount” node in the material used on the meshs you’re instancing (as seen in the image below). Note that the blend mode has to be Masked or Transparent.


Thanks for the necro; helped me out.