Instanced Static meshes Does not Collide with Car wheels UE5

using UE version 5
and using a blueprint (actor) with ( instanced Static mesh )

nothing special in my blueprint , im just cloning meshes along Axis using “loop”
and than pushing the result into “add instance”

the “instanced Static mesh” collide well with the (( Car Body )) ,
but not with the ( wheels ) of the car,

<< Note : the car is rigged correctly & exactly as in the main tutorial from the main unreal youtube channel >> ( i even test the same car that come with unreal template )

when running the car on top of ( instanced meshes )
the wheels get inside the and stock there , they spin when you hit forward key .
they rotate as well but they stuck inside the instanced mesh and the car can’t move .

and the only thing that seems to prevent the car from falling down into the Void
is the car body ,


and yes i checked the settings in the ( car_physicsAsset ) they have the right settings
i even tested changing them with all the possible options exist and “run the simulate”
same issue .

the same mesh when using it alone without the blue print instance
in that case the car wheels run normal on the standard mesh

when i enable visible collision in the viewport you can clearly see that normal meshes have collision and instances that is generated from the blueprint does not

in this model the generated instanced meshes are on the right side of the screen
the normal mesh are the one in blue color , which a color created by the " visible collision option"

i have tried every possible scenario i can think of nothing works

I have same issue by UE5.0.2.

I tried “run the simulation” in Vehicle Template.

Instanced Static Mesh Component:

Static Mesh Component:


I am also having the same issue. I cannot get collision that is procedurally generated to collide with the wheels at all. I am using the chaos vehicle with chaos wheels and Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes.

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Continued in 5.0.3…


thats a shame to hear. i updated but havent tested that yet

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Same here, collision->hit index is always -1
UE 5.0.3

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I guess there’s no solution to this ? One workaround I tried is turning off the instanced static mesh collision, and then I added a single static mesh component and scaled it to match the size of the generated instanced meshes, this mesh is the one that handles collision, and I set it to only owner see.

I found same problem in Unreal Issue.
It says that Target Fix is 5.1.

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That’s good to hear, thanks for sharing.

I have bad news…
I tried in 5.1.0 Preview1, but it does not have been fixed…

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Preview2 too…

I ran into this issue (tried both ISM and HSIM: no luck whatsoever). Hopefully it gets resolved quickly…

5.1 too…

It fixed in UE5.2 Preview2!!
Welcome to Chaos vehicle!!

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