Instanced static meshes and LOD

If I use an instanced static mesh in a blueprint, does that still support LOD and Occlusion culling for each mesh? So if I have a ton of objects going down a long winding street and make them all an instanced static mesh in a BP, can each mesh LOD to a lower poly individually and stop rendering when occluded by a building.

Hey Joe1029 -

Instanced Meshes will behave as if they come from one mesh, so they will LOD as one mesh from the placed initial instance in the BP.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Thanks Eric, That’s exactly what I wanted to know.

Hey Eric,
since this question is pretty old, I hope you will stilll see this. :slight_smile:
As I understand from your answer, Instanced Meshes can LOD, but all at the same time, as the mesh from which they are instances of.
I had made a blueprint for brickwalls without Instanced Meshes, witch resulted in aweful performance, but I had LODs. So I made the Meshed Instaned. The performance inreased enormous but the LODs were gone. Is there something I didn’t mind?

Hi Symion -

Instanced Static Meshes will LOD together, as they are all on one singular draw call for the engine, which is where you are getting your performance increases. In you case it is most likely ok not to have LODs and still get good performance.

Eric Ketchum