Instanced static meshes all return the same location

Final Update: I was able to get this working by using the ‘get instance transform’ node. Derp.

I’m running a trace to get the location of instanced static meshes that are spawning from an actor BP, but they each return identical locations, in spite of being transformed differently.

I’ve confirmed that this same logic inside the same blueprint is working for regular static mesh components.

Update: I’ve tested getting the local transform relative to the owner’s root and that returns 0, 0, 0. Basically it looks like the transform data that is being send to the video card for each instance isn’t exposed, and when you ask for it, what you are really getting is the transform of the first instanced mesh and not the transform of the specific mesh you are tracing to.

It’s really unfortunate that this doesn’t seem to work, because location is one of the few pieces of information that are exposed to use about instanced meshes via blueprint, and without it it’s well nigh impossible to correlate a specific mesh instance to any info you want to store about it separately.

User answered their own question.

The “get instance transform” requires an index as an input. How do you get an index of the particular instance you are working with?

UPD: Ok I found a way. Using “Get Instances Overlapping Sphere” u can trace at the location of your initial overlap - what was the instance that overlapped. Extremely weird, but works.

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yes better then no answer!