Instanced Static Mesh

Hi, just wondering if this is this correct for procedure for creating ISM’s as I’ve been reading documentation and forum posts and still don’t quite understand

I want to place the same mesh manually around the scene and they are all static;

Create Blueprint class

Add a Instanced Static mesh Component

Add mesh that will be instanced

Drop the mesh blueprint into the scene and then start cloning the mesh

Is this right and if so is there a way to monitor the new performance?

You are right till this step:

You should clone the mesh (adding instances) inside blueprint editor instead of cloning the blueprint actor in level editor.

Okay how do I do this as I’m still not sure I understand, if I clone instances in the blueprint ( Also unsure how to do that) then how do I then manually place them in the scene? Sorry for being noobie!

  1. Create a blueprint with a “instanced static mesh” component.
  2. Select that component.
  3. Select static mesh asset that you want to use in the details> static mesh tab.
  4. Click on the plus sign in the instances tab.
  5. An instance of the mesh will appear. Move it inside the blueprint editor.

You can also write a construction script to move instances for you, but I don’t think you can move instances in the world (in editor), like you can with normal static meshes.

Cheers! that did it :slight_smile: