Instanced Static Mesh Component: Collsions

How do I know what instance (or its index) of an ISMC/HISMC is involved in an overlap or collision?

I want to use instanced meshes for modular level geometry that gets re-used throughout the levels (like a standard wall segment etc). Of course, I have to be able to tell wich segment was hit in the event of a collision. Can ISMCs somehow provide this information or would I have to use seperate actors for the collision part without rendering and disable collisions in the ISMC? That would be less than convenient…

I’d still appreciate an answer to this…

So, do I really need to create additional actors for the collision part in order to identify what instance of an instanced static mesh is being hit/overlapped??

I would feel kinda stupid starting work on this and later find out there’s a setting that provides the instance ID in the hit-structure or something after all.

It’s been over a year and I’m back to working on this problem, so I’m gonna bump this one…

I figured by now that the “Item”-property of a HitResult provides the instance ID for an ISM-component in raytraces. My guess is that overlap-testing will also provide a valid Item-ID (though I haven’t actually tested it yet).

However, testing with simulation-driven collision events has only yielded Item-IDs of -1 so far… Is there any way to make it work?

I would find it strange, if I had to write an OnHit function that does nothing but do a raytrace/overlap-test at the location of a hit in order to figure out (basically guess…) what instance got hit in the event.