Instanced spline mesh components?

I posted this question here: Instanced-spline-mesh-components, but i got no answers and i also
thought it would fit better here.

Hi, i’m not really sure where to post this but i know i’m not the only one who needs something like this.
Instanced spline mesh components? is it possible? if so, why has this not been implemented into UE yet?
and on that note, how about Hierarchical Instanced Spline Mesh Components?

I found these links requesting the same feature but none of them get an official response from epic.
Spline Mesh Components - Are they Instanced?
[Feature Request] Instanced Spline Mesh Component]([Feature Request] Instanced Spline Mesh Component - UE4 AnswerHub)
Instance Static Mesh with Spline Component

Well if you want bend a mesh along the spline then most probably each section will be unique so there is nothing to instance. If sections are the same then you can indeed add instances along the spline, I do this for tank tracks.

The idea is to use instancing as in “GPU instancing”, which means identical meshes being rendered with a single draw call, thus reducing the number of draw calls and CPU overhead, that’s the difference between StaticMeshComponent and InstancedStaticMeshComponent. It works by having the GPU send two vertex streams: one contains the mesh’s vertices and the other contains the parameters that differ per instance, like transform. The vertex shader reads the data from the 2nd stream and applies to the instance, and the GPU simply loops over and over until everything is rendered.

Mmm, not sure why you quoted me :wink: