Instanced Meshes and individual properties (OpenGL -> UE4)

I’m considering porting my C++/OpenGL side-project over to UE4 but from my research I have a few concerns. I’ve used UE4 a fair bit in the past for Uni projects but what I’ve done for this project is pretty novel and I don’t know if UE4 can replicate my idea for the game.
It’s a Space-4X game where the galaxy view is a hex-grid of these tile meshes, each only 24 or so Vertices. The issue is that the grid can reach 2.5-4k tiles in size for larger galaxies and I had to implement a instanced drawing solution to reduce the draw calls and get a good FPS in my C++/OpenGL project. <- Here is the galaxy-grid as it currently is

I know that UE4 can have instanced meshes, but with my current solution I can still color individual meshes to any color I want, which is pretty important for a 4X game to show moues-highlighting/clicking and faction influence on the grid.
I want to switch to Unreal for UI and proper GFX development but I can’t move over if there ins’t some way that this can be implemented, unless I completely re-do the grid-concept.
Any help?