Instance static mesh overlap checking question

Ok I am trying to create some procedural content for random traps. To get there I was just trying to spawn instances of cube static mesh I made. It is pretty basic, just a cube with collision and a texture. So here is what I am trying to so

  1. Get defines area where I can spawn the Cubes
  2. Check to see if the Cube I am placing overlaps with anything.
  3. If is does not go ahead in create and instance of it other wise find another location within area and check again

Right now I can place a Cube when I press x and it works great. However nothing I tried has been able to inform me that the instance that I am about to create will overlap. I though the function “Component Overlap Actors” would work but it does not. The only other way would be for me to create the instance and see if the overlap event get fired but that does not seem efficient. Remember that Cubes are just a place holder for other meshes.

Anyone know of a way?


Getting the same issue with instances and Get Overlapping Actors function. It doesn’t register until I leave the overlap and enter again.