Instance static mesh collision not working 4.21

As it seems, added a instance static mesh to a actor blueprint, collision is not working. I cant see any player collision or get any collision at all.
Reproduced it in 4.21 in a blank project, and as it seems the issue is related to 4.21, if im not mistaken.

The static mesh has collision
Collision settings are correct in the instance static mesh component.
Tried several meshes.
Tried adding the meshes under instances manually as well.

it looks like it’s project related, I will update this thread as we find out more with epic.
the collision is working when packaging to the phone but not in editor!

I believe you may be experiencing this known issue: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-51493)

However it seems to only be related to the visibility, and not the actual collision.

If you can reproduce an issue with the collision not functioning, then please log a new bug report here for further investigation:

Hi! Thanks for responding Stephen!
I have reported the issue.
It is not a visual issue only. There is no hit event or overlap event happening.
I have reproduced the issue twice now, with different meshes as well, and the same problem relies in a actor BP with instance static mesh component, having no respons on collision, in 4.21