Instance Information

Hey guys

Im having a problem with my interaction system in my grass materials and i am having trouble fixing it. Currently i am using a material parameter collection to get player position from the player blueprint then i use this information in the grass meshes material to distort the texture where the player is walking.

The problem with this is that if there are multiple instances of my player blueprint running around in the grass say for multiplayer only one is able to effect the grass material due to the material only getting the position of the one of the players. I have found a way to get multiple blueprints to send information to the material by adding additional parameters to the material parameter collection and this works but i just do know how to make it work additional instances of the same blueprint.

Any help would be really appreciated
thanks guys :slight_smile:



Well if you are going to do it via a material then the way I see it you either gonna have to make a bunch of parameters and edit the material appropriately (but that assumes a fixed max amount of players that will be able to interact).

Or you can hope and pray that Epic finally implements arrays and for loops in the material editor some day in the (distant?) future… :stuck_out_tongue:

You can make a post about that here btw… the more people start bugging Epic about that, the better right? :wink: