Installing Unreal Engine 4 on USB drive or portable HDD


Sadly my university hasn’t installed Unreal Engine 4 on their PC’s and it won’t be install on their system until January 2015, I am just wondering if it’s possible to install it on a USB Drive or portable hard-drive so I can use it on any work computers within my university?

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They won’t install an application on request but will let users run programs off their USB stick? Talk about backwards security!

In regards to USB installing, I’m pretty sure because of all the dependencies that Unreal Engine relies it that it will probably not work as a Portable executable but don’t quote me on that - I could be very wrong indeed!

For a USB stick. I wouldn’t recommend it. It would be slow and may not even run right. Now if you used a portable HDD( Any HDD an be portable) or a SSD. It would run faster. but would still have to pass through USB port and may still cause problems. But either way it can be done. Jut not as efficient as if it were installed on the PC.

As noted by Mountain Man, if it runs, it will be veery slow. And something else to add, Compiling from a USB drive is usually very slow and shortens the life of the USB stick due to the amount of reads/writes.

ahaaaaaaa no me deja instalarlo porque?!

(Translation: Ahaaaaaaa, and it won’t install, because?!)

If possible how do you do it? I too would like to know this. Speed and USB degradation are non-issues for me.

Nobody answered after that remark…

yes can you run it off a flash drive, please someone