Installing UE4 on an offline PC?

I need to install UE 4 on an offline W7 PC (has VS 2013 installed). I am considering getting a prepaid wireless plan and a hotspot for my Android tablet and using it to download UE, transfer and then set up the files on PC.

I realize that I could drag my desktop to a friend’s and DL from there, but I want to be able to keep my UE install as current as possible, too, so I’d rather use my tablet and my own ISP from the start. I live in a rural area, and all my friends are at least a 20 minute drive from the PC.

  1. Is this feasible
  2. If so, can someone outline exactly what I would have to do? E.g., a list of what I’ll download, where to find it, and where it goes on the PC?

I have searched but found only vague and perhaps outdated info.

Just to go sure that I have understood your question right -> you have an internet connection but just on your tablet?
The easiest way it to create an hotspot - access it with your PC - download the engine over the launcher. After you have installed it the first time, you dont need any internet access anymore (just when you would like to update it) :slight_smile:

So you just have to download the launcher - then click on the engine install button and it will start another download for the engine.
When you dont want to do it with your launcher, you will have to use the source code engine : ?v=usjlNHPn-jo (you dont have to install git -> you can also just do it with the .zip file)

Epic should provide an offline installer like any other popular engine out there .

I don’t have an internet connection on my tablet yet. If I did, I’d have tried DLing UE4 already. I’m thinking about getting a hotspot and a prepaid plan for it, but that depends on if I can do what I want to with the connection…like downloading UE4 to my tablet, transferring the files to, and installing it on, my offline PC.

Hooking the PC up to the internet, or a hotspot, is not an option (unless I drag the desktop & peripherals to a friend’s house, which I don’t want to do). Hence the gymnastics.

I loathe all online-only nonsense and am only putting up with it because it’s UE4.



You can just install the engine on any internet-connected PC (it doesn’t need to be capable of running UE4, only the launcher) and copy it over (from C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.x) to an external drive, transfer it to your PC, and then run Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe (might want to create a shortcut). It doesn’t actually require the launcher or any kind of authentication to run, as the editor is entirely self-contained.

You’ll have to repeat the process for engine updates, though there will be less stuff to download if you use the same computer again and it still has everything installed.

If using another PC is not an option for some reason, you’re out of luck as even the source code requires downloading some dependencies from external servers (which Epic themselves can’t legally host).

i want to downaload it using something else but that slow program

They are seriously worried to launch an offline setup!
My PC has got very slow Internet connection, so the launcher gives errors to download UE 4.8
But now I am taking the source and then building it!
Take the source from GitHub on your friends PC and build all that code by using VS 2013 (as you stated)