Installing UE4 on a filtered network


I’m starting a UE4 Game Dev Group at my school and as such, we need to install UE4 on the school machines. This is difficult, however, as we have a network filter in place to stop students from playing games and accessing inappropriate material in class. I have installed the UE4 Editor on several machines using a staff login which can bypass most network restrictions, however, the editor will not open properly on a student login, it will open up the launcher, time out, giving the option to skip login, which logs in offline where if the student was to try and open up the launcher, it would show them an error about missing prerequisites. Is there a list anywhere with these prerequisites or is there anywhere we can download them so the students can use the editor offline? Otherwise, are there specific domains/subdomains that we can whitelist on the network so as to allow the students to access and download UE4 and only UE4, since we don’t want to whitelist as this would allow the students to download other things such as Fortnite and other games.

Thanks in advance,

Have you tried the source install, download the engine from github?

We haven’t but that seems rather complicated since you have to compile it as well as install GitHub and VS on the machine. If we can compile on one machine and copy to another we might do that but otherwise, it seems to be easier to create a separate user on the network with special permissions just for this use case than to do that.

well it might be your only choice, but its also great experience.

I’ve compiled it and it seems to be working! It’s a 50GB folder though so I’ll see if I can cut down the size a little, otherwise, all good!

how did you solve this problem? I am struggle with same problem

I just bit the bullet and compiled the engine from github.