Installing UE4.7 just say 'please wait' then reverts back to 'install'

I have tried doing what is posted here but none worked. I also tried to resolve the problem by what others did here on the AnswerHub. However, some were not applicable since they were behind a proxy or they just said that they did it without posting any solution. I tried clicking it like five times already and wait for about a couple of minutes per turn but same thing happens. I also tried disabling my anti-virus and running it in administrator but nothing helps

This is the first time it happened to me so I can’t happen to know any solution. Though, I still have 4.6, I want to have 4.7 and unluckily, it happens that I can’t install 4.7. The log is posted if it’s relevant. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

link text

Hi cc672012,

It seems that you tried almost everything in this section of that guide. Could you follow the steps towards the bottom and generate your Debugging logs? They are different that the standard log files you posted above and should help give us a better idea of what is going on.

It’s downloading now after a day. Don’t know why it worked though. Just popped open the computer and then after a single click, it just downloaded without a single problem like yesterday.

Here it is if you still need it :slight_smile: thanks a lot .link text

I’ve had a couple of other users with the same results. We apparently had some sort of hiccup in the downloading process yesterday. I’m glad it started working for you though. If you see anything like this again, please post back here to let us know.



Hi TJ,

Its been a few days and I’m still having this same problem with 4.8. Ive tried everything, even disabling firewall. Does it have something todo with the region locking I saw on another thread? I’m in Australia.

Hi Cailban_AU,

I’ll post a response on your other report here.

I am in England and am now having this issue. Very disappointing as ive just upgraded my PC and wanted to do a fresh install of the eninge ( I now have NO engine as I formatted hard drive thinking "Ill just re-install it!)

Log attatched and so is DX Diag[link text][1]


Ok iv’e Fixed the error. I uninstalled the Launcher, then deleted the Original Installer.MSI file. Re-downloaded it and re-installed it, all seems fine now. That seems to be the cure for this problem :smiley: