Installing UE version causes PC to restart without warning


For whatever reason this issue seems to me like it’s not the first time I’ve had it, but I can’t confirm. Either way, without any warning, notification or asking me for permission, my PC out of nowhere decided to restart.

It wasn’t a BSOD or some kind of permafreeze, it was a plain and simple restart, one where it even gave me the window that says “these applications are preventing the restart”, where I had the option to very quickly click cancel on the restart.

I was doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary other than launching the new UE version. I did some digging and UE was in fact the reason why the restart was caused. Why or how this happened I don’t know, and I’m not sure why I don’t see any other posts regarding this online, so it might I’m alone.

Luckily the software I was working in at the time was the one preventing windows from restarting so I was able to not lose most of my work, but I never want UE to out of nowhere do this. Hopefully someone has some insight on how I can prevent this, as very obviously no one should have this happen.