Installing UDK

Hi, i have a goodquestion - how can I download\install UDK via Epic Game Launcher? Maybe I’m stupid enought, but library has only 4.x versions of unreal engine, and download page of UDK have only one download link - for EGLauncher

There no longer support for UE3/UDK and offical download sites are down and i understood from what someone from Epic said oncein AnwserHub, they no longer licence it so you can’t release games using it, at least commercially. There thread in UDK forum section which provides alternative UDK download links if you want to play around with UE3 (first links don’t work, scroll down to other set):

But remember those are not provided by Epic,there no official support anymore for UE3, so use it on your own responsibility. Also if you have any UDK question, post them in that UDK forum section, you have better chance getting answers there then here