Installing SwarmAgent on a Workstation with Built-In Graphics Card

Hi :slight_smile: ,
I’ve recently purchased a render extension to my workstation … But failed to start Epic Games Launcher on it for it have only a built in graphics card … Already tried the " -OpenGl" in shortcut’s command line but it didn’t seem to work … any idea ?? … All I need there is a working SwarmAgent …

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Hi Bahaa,

Currently there is not a way to download Swarm Agent by itself. However, if you have access to any machine that can run the Launcher or compile the source version of the Editor from Github, then you can copy the necessary files to your other machine.

You can find more info on how to do that and what folders are needed here.



Thanks for the hope TJ :slight_smile: … yet something is missing maybe … let me list you the results but first :-
BOXX-00 is my main Workstation (UE4.8 Installed).
RenderPro is the render extension (our subject - with Copied DotNET Folder).
MAO is some third node for testing purpose (UE4.8 Installed).
all computers are on the same network switch with firewalls disabled …

Test 1:
Coordinator is running on RenderPro …
the network seems to be connected correctly … status updated regularly … but no distribution !! …

Test2: Coordinator is Running On BOXX-00 … now RenderPro doesn’t Connect but the distribution works fine …

We have a ticket in for the last issue with Swarm not distributing jobs. It’s been entered with UE-18882.

Thank you!