Installing prerequisites for custom game engine

I have created my game with my engine using C++ and OpenGL. I was always releasing games for iOS and Mac. I have never needed to install additional libraries on the computer.

Recently I have successfully released the Windows version on Steam. Compiled my game with Visual Studio. All additional required libraries (vc redistributables) were installed by Steam, I just marked the checkmarks which libraries I want. This is not the case with the Epic store. As I understand I have to do it myself. I have tried using the prerequisites option for vc_reddist64 installation before launching my game.

It works well if there is no installed vc_reddist64. If it is already installed, then when launching my game, the vc_reddist64 installation prompt pop up with options to repair, uninstall, and cancel. Pressing cancel does not launch my game, and shows an error. The same with the repair option.
As I understand there is a possibility to use a batch script to check if installed, but then command prompt windows flashes briefly. Not a big deal, but it does not feel right. What I’m missing? I’m struggling with this problem for a few weeks. My submission was rejected several times.

Now I’m trying to add the required dll files to my games directory, but the game is failing to launch, but this is another topic…

Hey there @Archibalis_extra,

Depending on the version of the redist you are using, it should support a quiet or passive parameter (/q, /passive /norestart, etc.) that will close the installer without user interaction if it is already installed.