Installing Perforce for UE4 on a MAC


Hope everyone had a great Xmas!!!

We’re trying to install Source control on our iMacs for UE4, and downloaded perforce P4, P4D, and P4V.

We’re running into a ton of trouble installing P4 and making it executable. I’ve heard people say to put it in the root directory (/usr/bin/), but when attempting to do that, it said i didn’t have permission, even after typing a password. The folder they say to put it in usr/bin, doesn’t work in the finder, only the terminal, and still it will not load when i try the command.

We’re just trying to setup a server with perforce running on one of our Mac’s for source control for both of us to work on one unreal game we’re creating.

Does anyone have any tips, or quick ways to start p4 on a MAC and this server without opening up the terminal, unlocking the root, and using tons of commands?

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Hi dannykana,

Here’s a link to help get you started with Perforce on a Mac:

Let me know if this does not help you resolve the issue.


Thank you ,

that did work and we solved the issue.

Happy new year!