Installing on Ubuntu 16.04 fails


When I try to install UE4 on Ubuntu 16.04 it fails to run because of a dependencies issue. The error code is:

E: Package 'libmono-corlib4.0-cil' has no installation candidate

There is a workaround (around the middle of the article), maybe the Linux people of Epic want to intergrade this workaround in the for 4.12 ?

thanks you,

Hey -

Reading the workaround you linked, it sounds like mono was not installed or not up to date prior to building the engine. I’m glad you were able to get around the error and to help us investigate, can you tell me which engine version you were attempting to build when you ran into this error? Also, can you explain the steps you took to download/install the editor (did you download the .zip or run a “$git clone” command from the terminal?

HI, I tried to install version 4.11 of the engine. I used the git clone method. My steps where:

  1. Make a directory
  2. Clone UE4 in it via “git clone -b 4.11 URL”
  3. cd into the directory
  4. execute

Then it fails with the same message like in the article I linked as workaround.

The reason I did it was, because it failed with the launcher program I am writing. I just wanted to find out if it was a problem with my program or UE4 itself.

I hope this helps!

After further investigation, I found that the 4.11 file was not written with 16.04 in mind since 16.04 was not out when 4.11 was released. The file should be fixed for 16.04 in a future release of the engine.