Installing Google's ARCore with the 4.17ARCore build


I first want to apologize if this has been posted already as this is my first time ever posting anything on a forum. Also, I am fairly new to using source code in general but I have followed the instructions provided by the “Getting started” page and seem to keep running into issues. To give an idea of what I am working with I have:

Windows 10
Visual Studio Community 2017 - Installed the C++ for unreal package
Currently have 4.17.2 installed through the epic launcher (if that matters?)
Used the source code from Git (…re-sdk-preview)

The source code is located on my (F drive not my (C drive where Unreal is natively installed at. I have gone through all the steps to debug (which is where I start to have problems). When I hit build it will run but with a considerable amount of syntax errors (15 I believe) then I’ll hit Set as Startup Project and finally hit debug with an error saying it cannot locate the UE4Editor.exe which is supposed to but in the engine/binaries/Win64 folder.

Hopefully it is something simple but I would appreciate any feedback!