Installing Datasmith 3DS Max 2022 Exporter - INSTALL error

as on the previous for 4.23 the installing Datasmith give the error:

Hi ADL67 !

You can grab that exact version on our website by entering the following address in your web browser :

If you ever come up with a similar issue in the future, you can change the link with whatever version of the .msi the installer is asking for.


Datasmith 4.25 is for an old version of 3ds max, I need datasmith 4.27 for 3ds max 2022 that is not possible download from your Datasmith web site, when i change director give me error to install

Yes, but you need that 4.25.1 .msi and its references to install the new, 4.27 version properly.

When your 4.27 installer asks for “UnrealDatasmithMaxExporter_4_25_1.msi” like the screenshot you posted, click Browse, then use that old exporter .msi file I linked as the source.

This will allow the 4.27 installer to properly uninstall what’s left of the old plugin.


No, it give me error on download the second file that not find but is downloaded on the same directory and i browsed him.
It’s not more a problem, you have resolved it from web site about direct download, I have installed it without problems now.
Thank you

Troquei o 3DS Max 2017 para o 2021 e não consigo instalar o datasmith, fica pedindo o 4_25_3 mas não tenho mais porque apaguei o 3DS Max 2017 o que posso fazer para conseguir instalar o datasmith mais novom já coloquei 4_25_4 que tem disponível mas não vai?