Installer will only let me install to the C drive?

I just installed a new SSD in my PC to use as a workspace for things like UE4, Creative Suite, ect. I’m trying to reinstall UE4 to the new drive, but the installer won’t let me edit the installation directory. When I launch the installer, it just displays an uneditable page with “C/Program Files/Unreal Engine” and a button to install.

Is there any way to run UE4 off of a secondary drive, or it the program actually limited to that one location?

To do what you want, you can do the following:

Uninstall your existing install (Start->Control Panel->Uninstall a program). Once the uninstall is complete, you’ll be able to run the installer again and it will give you an option to select the destination folder.

Hey, seen a couple of posts on this, still have no luck. Any update on installer functionality for installing to different drive on Mac, TY.

@williamian The original question here is dealing with a Windows only issue and is unrelated to what you are asking about in your cross-post here:

TY, just trying to get help with this anywhere, no luck, TY.

There still seems to be no launcher solution to this? Now it’s Sept. 2015. I have engines 4.4 through 4.8 installed on my SSD C: drive because the launcher wouldn’t let me do anything else originally. I now have no room for 4.9 and still the installer won’t let me choose a drive. Are we actually expected to uninstall and re-install all the engines from 4.4 to 4.8?

If you already have the launcher installed, running subsequent installers will perform an upgrade of your existing launcher. This is why it always points to your existing install and does not let you pick the install folder. You would get to choose the install folder if you didn’t have the launcher installed already.

At this time the launcher does not support moving engine installs around. You could do what is described in the following link. The instructions there will show you how to move your engines and create symbolic links so everything in the launcher functions as usual. A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

Will be better that the installer have to do by default!

I want to install the Unreal Engine to a different location from Unreal Tournament (and other future Epic games probably). Why can’t different engine versions and games be installed to different locations? I am low on disk space on my main drive and have plenty of space on another. This needs to be addressed. I shouldn’t have to fake it with symbolic links, which is a rather hacky workaround to simply being able to install things where I want…

To be clear: I don’t understand why the engine (and also UT) must be installed to the same drive as the launcher. Why can’t I install the launcher to C:, and UT to D:, and whatever UE4 version to E:\ Manually moving files and using symbolic links is a poor solution to this. And I’m not trying to “Move installs around” (which implies I have it installed and I want to relocate that installation), I do not have the engine installed and wish to install it to some other directory than where the launcher is installed.

Sorry to necro this old thread but am in the same situation as @anonymous_user_11ad49a7 and was wonderingif, by now, there was solution to having my engine and launcher on C (my ssd for work) and my games (UT and paragon) on my F drive (spinning for games and misc things)

2019 and this is a still an issue for me, i have a very small SSD C drive, it literally stores whatever 1 game i am currently playing, how do i direct the install elsewhere?

Hello DutchSpartacus91,

This used to be an issue as the Launcher would only allow for one installation directory at a time and all subsequent installs would be directed to that folder. This is no longer the case. Whenever you install a version of the Editor, you are given the following screen:


You can use the Browse button to choose another directory.

this issue can be resolved by changing the directory of the VaultCache located in Settings (!). I know how annoying this problem can be so im hoping it helps some of you. Cheers,


This solution didn’t work for me, so i found my own path.
I looked at a path that epic games want to create new files. (Aprox - C/AppData/Epic…)
I copied that folder to second drive and deleted original. When i tried to install, it shows something like - “missing path” and then it allowed me to pick copied folder from other drive. And it works. Now i dont have to put everything on my small ssd, and i can install on other drives.

P.S. Sorry if my answer is the same as some of the previouses.

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