Installer for packaged game, any ideas?

I was using that inno installer… but I’ve run into a problem… it totally screws up my game and it’s not my fault… my dash attack isn’t working… and it works fine in the packaged game .exe, so I think I either need another installer… or some advice on how to fix the problem

That’s weird
I use NSIS

thanks man, i’ll check it out

I guess that’s good to know because I had inno and was planning to use it but if it has issues maybe I should also consider a change.

Seems NSIS is a Nullsoft product. Doesn’t help that it is also hosted on sourceforge. I am going to be scouting other options and if I find any goodies I will post back.

hey, not sure if I got a dodgy version of inno or what… but installed and downloaded from here: stable release, latest version, and everything is good! that nsis looks like a bit too much hassle for me… I don’t really want to get into the nitty gritty of making an installer… maybe it would be useful when your project is completely finished and you want a totally customised installer… but for a simple demo it’s kindof overkill…

Yeah no idea what version I have but I will be sure to update. Thanks for the info man. I am going to keep looking to see what all options are even out there for this purpose.