Installed UE4 in VM. Launch Fails.

I installed the latest UE4 in a VirtualBox Windows 10 Guest VM. All seemed to go well, but when I try to Launch, I get
the following message box: “DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine.”

What’s up with that?



Most likely it doesn’t support DX11 in the virtual machine–applications that use 3D graphics rarely do well that way.

The DX Diagnostic Tool says DirectX Version 11.2?

Yeah, as darthviper107 said, virtual box doesn’t support directx 10 and higher.
Nevertheless if you are there make sure you installed guest additions correctly.

VirtualBox Win10 VM does support DX11

I think that even if it says (and technically) supports DX11, it doesn’t do it well enough for ue4.

That’s just the windows installation which has it installed, it’s not necessarily supported by the virtual machine.

Ok, so would my host Win 7 without a graphic card work?

Not very well, the integrated Intel GPU is not very powerful. Also, from there it says you only have 4GB of memory so that would also be an issue. A minimum of 8GB is recommended.

Actually I have 16GB of memory total with only 4g allocated to the VM. Raising it to 8 would be moot I guess.

You have a pretty good system then except for the lack of a GPU–why’s that? I’d recommend getting one, you could get a much better GPU for pretty cheap

It appears to be working in my Win 7 host. So is the only way to save the FBX format?