Installed Plugins Prevent UE4 from finding VS

4.10.4 with Substance installed compiles just fine.
4.11.2 with Substance installed tells me VS isn’t installed.
4.11.2 without Substance installed compiles just fine.
4.11.2 without Substance installed and with 's Victory plugin installed doesn’t find VS either. (Windows 64 bit)

This is limited to a single project. Creating a new project resolves this bug, perhaps only temporarily. This would explain why, as far as I could tell, it happened “out of nowhere”. Willing to PM the project to Epic Staff.

Hey Travistyse-

Can you provide the exact error you’re getting when you have a plugin active in the affect project? Was the project originally created in 4.11 or was it upgraded from another engine version? If you’re able to upload the project, you can send me a PM on the forums with a download link.


I can confirm this problem. Took me some time to figure out that it was the plugin. I have tested with both the fpstemplate and my own project and all fails.

PM’d you on the forum.

I upgraded from 4.10 to 4.11 with this project. I don’t know for certain that a new project would retain its ability to compile; I don’t know if this is a “matter of time” thing or a “don’t use this myriad of functions combined” thing. I’ve set up my config files and whatnot for Steam and have verified with a friend over the internet that the integration works. (If it matters)

When I create a project with the Substance plugin through the launcher, I am still able to add new classes to the project (it is able to find VS2015). I did notice the error message you are referring to in the project you sent, however I have not been able to find where the Victory plugin was updated for compatibility with 4.11 (latest version I have found is for 4.10). Are you using the Substance plugin from the Marketplace (for 4.11)? Also, can you link me to where you are getting the Victory plugin?

On my phone atm so I apologize for the usual.

The Substance Plugin I have is from the marketplace. I included the version number in the OP as it may have been important. The Victory Plugin I installed for its resolution node but I came up with a better workaround and didn’t want the hassle of compiling more code for a single node that I didn’t really need. That said, and the project I sent you is slightly (like a day) outdated so I may not have gotten rid of this but, when I disabled the plugin I failed to remove the node(s) and got errors. Re-enabled and deleted them but I’m not sure if what I sent you was before or after. At the moment, Substance is the only plugin I’m wanting to use. Everything I have is from the marketplace except, at one point, I installed Skookumscript to this project in particular but removed it within a day. But if you can compile the project then it isn’t the project so I’m not sure.


“4.11 is the current engine version of my Victory Plugin, beginning with the February 15th build!
Please note that due to wiki file size limits (20mb), starting with 4.11 Victory Packaged Binaries only contains Development Win64.
If you need to package for a build other than Development Win64 you will need to install visual studio 2015 and compile the source code that I freely provide with every build.”

This happens with or without plugins enabled. Even when I can package/compile (no plugins enabled) I can’t create a C++ class. I even used the button in the image to install VS via repair and nothing changed for UE4. I did notice the VS installer saying something about Unreal Engine like “Installing… Unreal Engine” or something so I assume it’s aware that something’s supposed to happen?

I still have no t been able to reproduce this outside of the sample project you provided and would like to ask a few more questions. Just to clarify, you see the “install VS” button with the plugin installed, regardless if the plugin is enabled/disabled? Also, you do not see the button if you uninstall the plugin, correct? Specifically for the Substance plugin, are you able to create a new code project after adding the plugin to the engine? If so, do you see the Install VS button when adding a new class to this project?

Enabled - Nope
Disabled - Nope
Uninstalled (after disabled) - Nope

But in all of my other projects all of these are a “yes”. Additionally, in case I didn’t mention it, I do know for certain that my project was fine before it was upgraded to 4.11 ; I don’t know that the upgrade caused it but I do have two (rather distant) points in time where the problem has / hasn’t occurred.

I upgraded by double clicking the 4.10.4 version of the project in the editor

Just did the process again with Substance installed. No problems. Project was able to create a C++ class just fine. So upgrading, in theory, wasn’t the problem.

I’m going to be recreating the project in a new project; I don’t think that this will be solved as it seems to be an edge case. I’ll respond to this thread again if I come upon something which seems important or otherwise replicates the issue. I look forward to a solution but ultimately feel that this is going to stagnate and fall off pretty quickly from here otherwise. I’d much rather be able to reply to your comment or receive a reply should either of us have something useful to add and know that it’s worth looking into. Don’t want to turn this thread into a daily “idk, you?” “Nah, idk, you?” haha. Thanks for helping me.

Hey Travistyse-

I’m going to mark this post as resolved for tracking purposes. If you encounter this problem again after recreating the project feel free to add a comment to reopen the post and we will investigate further.