Installed build project browser is empty

I made an installed build. When I boot up UE4Editor.exe, the project browser is empty. I have to click the Browse button and go locate a project manually, every time. Even after I’ve opened several projects this way, and restarted the editor multiple times, the project browser never populates with anything.

If I run a source build from the same exact codebase, the project browser populates normally.

What gives?

If you right click a uproject file and select SwitchEngineVersion, does your installed build show up? If not, it could be due to it not having registered itself with the OS. To do that, there should be a binary in the engine called UnrealVersionSelector, which if you run with no arguments should register the installation.

This is a total guess - I’ve not actually made a proper installed build using the latest approach.

The installed build does appear in the “switch engine version” dialog, but projects I’ve opened in that build do not show up in the project browser.