Installed Android cant open on Mobile

Hello Im

Currently I packed my UE4 project (4.26) into Android and try to test it on my Phone (Samsung Galaxy S8), but i did not worked
I usually Test my project by doing this way (It work with 4 previous project) but i dont know why i cant open .PAK on mobile anymore.

I try the old project it still work but from my current project I can install but when hit open, it show UE4 logo then turn off immediately. I try to copy to new project or Package new project (the empty project wont work) but cant open any way.

Below is my log in Phone, it say: Unable to load plugin ‘EditorScriptingUtilities’. Anyone can help me?
link text

Log file open, 02/22/21 19:17:19
LogInit: LLM is enabled
LogInit: LLM CsvWriter: off TraceWriter: off
LogInit: Display: Running engine for game: SanPHamMau_6_Android
LogInit: Display: Project file not found: ../../../SanPHamMau_6_Android/SanPHamMau_6_Android.uproject
LogInit: Display: 	Attempting to find via project info helper.
LogUProjectInfo: Found projects:
LogTemp: 8 cores and 8 assignable cores
LogPakFile: Display: Found Pak file SanPHamMau_6_Android/Content/Paks/SanPHamMau_6_Android-Android_ETC2.pak attempting to mount.
LogPakFile: Display: Mounting pak file SanPHamMau_6_Android/Content/Paks/SanPHamMau_6_Android-Android_ETC2.pak.
LogPakFile: PakFile PrimaryIndexSize=138202
LogPakFile: PakFile PathHashIndexSize=81967
LogPakFile: PakFile FullDirectoryIndexSize=165512
LogPakFile: OnPakFileMounted2Time == 0.000004
LogTaskGraph: Started task graph with 5 named threads and 17 total threads with 3 sets of task threads.
LogStats: Stats thread started at 0.670891
LogICUInternationalization: ICU TimeZone Detection - Raw Offset: +7:00, Platform Override: ''
LogAndroid: Vulkan library detected, checking for available driver
LogAndroid: VulkanRHI is available, Vulkan capable device detected.
LogPluginManager: Error: Unable to load plugin 'EditorScriptingUtilities'. Aborting.
LogAndroid: Error: === Critical error: ===
LogAndroid: Error: 
LogAndroid: Error: Assertion failed: false [File:] [Line: 466] 
LogAndroid: Error: Engine Preinit Failed
LogAndroid: Error: 
LogAndroid: Error: 
LogAndroid: Error: 
LogAndroid: Error: